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GARÉ ADVOGADOS completes 30 years

On November 28th, 2020, GARÉ ADVOGADOS celebrates 30 years of existence. The growth of the office over this period and, in particular, the growth of the client portfolio, which today consists of renowned international brands, is the result of the contribution of all professionals who have assimilated the office's mission and values, in the incessant pursuit to improve, innovate and meet client demand for services with excellence.

For all our achievements in these 30 years, we have much to be thankful for. To all employees who were part of our team as well as those who remain with us, our thanks for the valuable contribution and dedication to our growth and our history.

To the clients, our thanks for the partnership and confidence in our work, which we are very proud of and gives us the certainty of being on the right path by valuing ethics, professionalism, transparency and continuous innovation in the search for better results.

To the public authorities, our thanks for engaging in providing services for the benefit of the community.

To God, for all our achievements and may He allow us to continue working with health, perseverance and the firm conviction that it is always worth fighting for our ideals!


GARÉ ADVOGADOS’ mission is an unceasing search for improvements and innovations, in order to provide the best service for its clients.

 The GA¹ logo reflects this mission, the vision and the values of the firm. A shield² image, which means the protection of clients' brands and our battle in defense of their IP rights. A book³ image representing the law that is our weapon in the fight against any IP rights violation. A fountain pen nib, which symbolizes our permanent desire to develop new thesis and strategies, innovate and draw our own way with ethics.








We have consolidated a client´s portfolio of well-known companies of  a wide range of sectors, such as luxury goods, sportswear, clothing, footwear, consumer products, heath care, spirits, auto parts, motorcycles, cosmetics, electronics,  among others.



Rua Borges Lagoa , 1070 10º floor

Vila Clementino São Paulo/SP

CEP: 04038-002





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