Intellectual Property

Brand Protection

Fight against counterfeiting, piracy, trademark, patent and industrial design infringements, and copyright violation, by civil and criminal litigation and police measures;


Undertake measures to combat unfair competition in all modalities of frauds that divert customers, including the imitation of products and trade dress;


Take legal action to prevent the sale of counterfeit products on the internet;


Pursue nullity actions of trademarks, patents, and industrial design in federal courts.

Combat against illicit trade

Take legal action to combat the illicit trade of products that come into the country through smuggling and embezzlement, fraudulent importations and products that do not meet the metrology agencies requirements and regulatory standards.

Training and Border Measures

The organization and execution of training and seminars about the identification of counterfeit products to experts, law enforcement authorities, customs officials, and other public authorities.


Support to seizures of IPR infringements by reports, affidavits, administrative and Court actions and destruction.

International Trade Law

Anti-dumping and safeguard measures at the Department of Trade Protection and Department of Development, Industry, and International Trade.

Civil Law, Liability and Consumers Law

The pursuit of civil lawsuits regarding consumer relations;


The pursuit of legal action against landlords who permit illicit good sales on their premises (landlord liability);


The pursuit of public civil actions;


IT Law and Data Protection;


Digital Law;



Environmental Law

Consultancy regarding the destination and disposal of seized counterfeit goods in a sustainable manner;


Participation in administrative and judicial procedures and public civil suits to combat environmental damage.

Investigation and Surveillance

Investigations, market survey and internet monitoring;


Notice and taking down;


Gathering intelligence and diagnosis of the illegal market;

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